“Nanda’s work can be described as poetical, intuitive, and emotional. The concept of time and timelessness provoked Nanda to photograph in black and white.

To Nanda, the camera became a tool of transformation. It helped her see life in new ways, just as looking through its lens showed her fresh perspectives. She believes in using photography as a way to grow and discover herself. “It’s not always easy to see things differently, but I push myself to do it,” she says. This philosophy shows up in her art. She doesn’t just see water; she sees its reflection too. This way of seeing extends to everything she captures. With a sharp focus and some sweaty hands, she searches for new compositions. Realising that you can look at something and see a whole new side empowers her to face challenges in life with the same open mindset.

For Nanda, photography wasn’t a choice – it was a calling. It’s her way of sharing how she sees the world and who she is. Inspired by her grandmother, she’s not afraid to break the rules. “I love images that look like they’ve been touched by a painter’s brush,” she reveals. She plays with light and shadow, creating a dance that’s both rhythmic and melancholic. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to share their emotions through art. She’s a firm believer that everyone has an inner artist who can create and heal by looking at the world, or themselves, with fresh eyes.

Nanda pours a piece of herself into her work, forging connections with people and the wisdom of life. It’s like a game – an exciting journey of discovery. Through this connection, her photography becomes a way to explore her own identity and communicate with the world around her, painting a vivid picture of emotions and experiences.” – Mick Nieuwenhuis, Mick Agence

Clients Nanda’s worked for: Just Diggit, Harper’s Bazaar, Parool, Aidsfonds, Renessence, Ernst & Young, ClubSportive Zuidas, Tanqueray Gin, Thomas Henry, Strongbow, Rituals, Giomi, Noordcode, Abel Odor, Mastercard, Black Lives Matter, Nationale Ballet, Van Harte & Lingsma, Rianne Meijer, Fitzroy, MediaMonks, BAAS, Wolfstreet Agency, Boomerang & many more.

Nanda is represented by Mick Agence, based in Amsterdam.